Meet the Team

We are lucky enough to have a range employees that have a vast amount of recruitment experience and who can offer support and advice.

Maxwell Spencer

Max has been working within in the recruitment space for over 15 years and has a extensive experience of recruiting across London and in more recent years, wider across the UK.

Specific interests are the Financial and Insurance sectors, but is happy to offer advice for all job roles in all sectors. Max founded BigBen Jobs to help make more jobs accessible to more candidates and to offer any support needed as part of this process.

When Max isn't talking all things recruiting, he is talking and watching all things basketball. Although retirement from the basketball court is looming, his retirement from the recruitment sector is very much in the far distance.

You can drop Max a line @ [email protected]

Office Assistant

We have a very helpful assistant called Splodge. He is very good at eating and warming lap's. If the laptop malfunctions, he normally has played a part as to why it isn't working!